Welcome to The Gentle Way campaign! Between 25 July 2012 and May 25 2013 this unique charity campaign will span two Australian States, involve over 1100km of cycling (plus the training), include visits to over a dozen High Schools, and will offer plenty of fundraising events. All in the name of encouraging students to be ambitious, achieve their goals, and overcome challenges.

Andrew Dallimore, a former ‘at-risk’ High School student will do this by sharing his inspiring story about his pathway to University and his career. He shares the challenges he has faced along the way, including High School bullying, and a devastating physical injury he suffered early in 2012, which got him started on this campaign. He also shares the achievements he never thought he would be capable of, and his quest to follow his dream of becoming a vet – a dream now closer than ever, as Andrew has just been accepted into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Melbourne!

In February 2013, as the highlight of the campaign, Andrew will cycle from Adelaide to his new University – the Werribee Campus of the University of Melbourne. Along the way he will be visiting schools and raising money for the Worldwide Veterinary Service.

For more information, explore the links below, or the menus above.

So what do you want to know? If you’ve got questions, head to the Frequently Asked Questions page (where you can also ask new questions!) If you want to know more about who is making The Gentle Way campaign happen, see the team page to learn more. Oh and if you want to know what we’re aiming to do here, have a look at the campaign objectives – where we share our plans for world domination …


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